High quality health monitoring system


Sense2beat patch – is a clinical grade wearable electrocardiogram-monitoring device that is able to obtain diagnostically valuable data in the most convenient way for the user. The system is user- friendly, small, cable less and has direct attachment to the skin. This patch monitors biometric measurements continuously, in real time. Proposed solution can help to perform arrhythmia screening (atrial fibrillation in particular), therefore potentially reducing number of heart-related complications as well as healthcare system load.



Two leads
High accuracy
Low noise signal


Rate and amplitude
Artefacts filtering
Activity tracking


Body position
Motion tracking
Exercises influence on health

Heart rate​

Blood pressure
Physical fitness
Body resistance


Daily changes
Metabolic rate
Body cold tolerance


Sleeping periods monitoring
Sleep habits detection
Better sleep quality

ECG-patch Specification

  • Highly reliable ECG sensor is capable to collect precise electrical activity of the heart
  • Temperature sensor collects the data about body temperature.
  • Respiration rate sensor measures the change in pressure that occurs as the chest cavity expands and contracts during breathing and calculate possible correlations between respiration rate and heart rate
  • Activity recognition (walk, run, bike, still) and Sleep quality analysis due to 6-s axes Internal Measurnment Unit
  • Hydrocolloid adhesive
  • Waterproof
  • Micro USB and micro SD card interfaces
  • Skin friendly
  • 30 g Adhesive Patch with integrated Sensor Module 
  • Disposable battery
  • Battery life more than 160 hours (7 days)
  • Small form factor 130 x 100 x 20 mm