Real-time health monitoring


Sense2beat’s aim is to provide constant patients health monitoring, chronic disease detection and report on the patients health state. Real time analysis of important heart parameters, activity and sleep gives a valuable feedback; analysis of biometrical trends allow to predict the body behaviour. The 24/7 use of the Sense2beat patch will be beneficial for patients with heart issues, for arrhythmia detection and everybody who wants to be aware of the heart activity.

The most accurate analysis of your vital parameters

An average patient generates several Gb of data daily. Sense2beat algorithm allows highly accurate processing of acquired data and user-friendly representation of patient heart activity.

Data acquisition

Sense2beat patch acquires and filters the raw data and sends it to the cloud platform​


Sense2beat platform runs the algorithm to identify the deviations in the heart behaviour


Is available for the Doctor and Patient in the Sense2beat app